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  • Organic Bioelectronic Interfaces investigated by Multimodal Scanning Probe Microscopies

  • 10:05-10:35

    Biophysical property based isolation of circulating tumor cells towards personalized medicine - 김민석 교수, DIGIST 뉴바이올로지


    3D-AFM for Sidewall Surface Characterization - 김태곤 교수, 한양대 소재∙부품융합과


    Industrial applications of AFM: local evaluation of adhesion, modulus, piezoelectricity, and ferroelectricity - 김윤석 교수, 성균관대 신소재공학부


  • 13:00-13:30

    Biological Application of Atomic Force Microscope : Single Cell Manipulation and Bio-Molecular Interaction - 신훈규 교수, POSTECH 첨단재료과학부


    AFM applications on carbon materials - 이해성 교수, 전주대 탄소나노신소재공학과


    to be announced - 김성식 연구원, SK 하이닉스 메모리반도체


  • 14:45-15:15

    to be announced - 이영중 교수, 경북대 기계공학부


    Advanced Metrology and Inspection in the Semiconductor Manufacturing - 김은파 책임, 삼성전자 반도체연구소 공정개발실


    Quantitative Automated AFM Technologies for Industrial Applications - 조상준 상무, ㈜파크시스템스 응용기술센터


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Tobias Cramer
University of Bologna

Detailed Insights into the Function and Structure of Organic Semiconductors at the nanoscale

Esther Barrena
Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona

Interfaces in Perovskite Solar Cells

Rüdiger Berger
MPI for Polymer Research

Characterizing photoelectric and ferroelectric properties of materials with scanning probe microscope

Akash Bhatnagar
Centre for Innovation Competence SiLi-nano

Investigation of Contact Resistances in n-Type Organic Transistors through Scanning Kelvin

Federico Chianese

Self-organization of complete organic monolayers via sequential post-deposition annealing

Cristiano Albonetti

Microscopic determination of carrier density and mobility in working Organic Electrochemical Transistors

Federica Mariani
University of Bologna

Electrochemical measurements of single nanoparticles

Kim McKelvey
Trinity College Dublin

No compromise between Smart & Big Data analysis for AFM

Romain Stomp
Zürich Instruments

Atomic Force Cantilevers as nanosensors for real-time investigations in biomedicine

Giovanni Longo

Accelerating Your Research Using Nature Research Group’s AI Powered Nanotechnology Platform

Pranoti Kshirsagar
Springer Nature

Stretchable and Low-Impedance Electrode Polymer Coatings for Peripheral Nerves Recording

Francesco Decataldo
University of Bologna

AFM Applications in biology and medicine

Malgorzata Lekka
Institute of Nuclear Physics

Metallo-DNA molecules as a tool for nanoscience and nanotechnology

Miguel A. Galindo
CIC, University of Granada

Nanomechanics of liposomes and extracellular vesicles

Francesco Valle
CNR-ISMN Bologna